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Home Bartending
Learn 101 Highballs - Most drinks follow similar recipes which means that with a little reading you'll know how to mix most drinks quickly and with panache.
Introduction to mixology - The equipment and terminology of a master bartender explained.
Mixing highballs - Read here to learn everything you'll need to know to mix two-thirds of all drinks requested.
Mixing cocktails - Complete instructions to prepare shaken and stirred cocktails.
Pouring the Good Stuff - Stylish ways to pour only as much as you want to.
Garnishes & Garbage - Quick ways to prepare basic garnishes.
A few quick tips - Want to know the secrets of the pros? Assorted tips and tricks are available here.

Advanced Mixology
Flaming Drinks - How to light almost any alcoholic drink on fire.
Shots & Layering Drinks - Fast but careful ways to build layered drinks.
Learning Cocktail Recipes - Learn enough cocktail recipes to be ready for most cocktail devotees.

Equipping your Bar
Barware and Bar Equipment - Find out the 29 things the professional barman would never be without.
Modest Liquid Assets - Expecting guests? Read here for the most popular alcohols and mixers.
Serious Liquid Assets - Wondering what else you might need?  Compete with your local bar with this list of liquors.
Glassware - Don't know the difference between a cocktail glass and a Martini glass? Find out here.

Specific Gravity - We can't tell you if blood is thicker than water, but if you're curious about brandy and grenadine, here's a good place to start.
Caffeine - Got the shakes? Find out how much caffeine you're drinking.
Conversions - How many ounces in a jigger and more.  We even do metric.
Substituting Alcohols - Out of gold tequila? Perhaps we can help.
Counting Calories - Count 'em even faster than you can drink 'em with this chart.


Drink responsibly. Drink with style.
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