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Drink Me!

After spending numerous hours in a zen-like state propped up on my stool at the local bar, I have discovered the key to self-realization. I must know what drink I would be, if I were to be a drink! Take this test, and it may change your life!


Are you a virgin?
Yes, so far! (But all of my ancestors were breeders!)
No, but I used to be!

What's your favorite color?
Red or purple
Yellow or orange
Green or blue
I don't like any of those silly colors.

Would you ever drink with your pinkie sticking out, daaaarling?
Yes... Mais oui, je suis tres elegante.
No. That would be the middle finger you're looking at.

Do you experience memory lapses?
Yes... Um. What was the question?
No. Not that I remember.

Are you generally hot- or cold-blooded?
Hot... I never ask, "or is it just me?".
Normal... 98.6 degrees, most of the time.
Cold... But romantic - I always want to hold hands!

Are you a freak?
Yes... People dress up as me for Halloween.
No... I'm unique the same way everyone else is.

Have you ever drunk an alcoholic beverage between 4 am and noon?
Yes... What time is it now?
No... Well, it was 4 am somewhere.

Are you fruity?
Like a fruit bowl!
Not really. Well, OK, kinda
No. Don't ask again.

Are you a sizable fellow?
I'm huge! If this whole drink quiz thing doesn't work out, I'll play football.
I'm average! (Except when I look in the mirror.)
I'm tiny! I've gotten lost in my carpet!

Do you wear jewelry or appreciate adornment?
Yes! My ears have more holes than Albert Hall!
No! The only sparkling thing I have is my personality!

Are you carrying eggs in your body (at the moment)?
Yes. Where do you carry them?
No. I buy my eggs at the store, thank you.

Do you tend to get on people's nerves?
Yes. I'm worse than Christmas Music in January.
No... Everyone loves me.

Are you still standing?
Now see what kind of drink you really are!


Drink responsibly. Drink with style.
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