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Featured Drink: Jello Shots

You can make Jello Shots with almost any type of alcohol - the trick is adding enough water to make it set. We've collected fifteen popular jello shots recipes and hints on how to make your own.

Read our feature on Jello Shots to find out how to turn any drink into a jello shot and other tips on how to serve these delicious concoctions.


Decorate with your drinks by mixing and setting several different types of Jell-o Shots.

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Our database of drinks is built, in part, by users like you. If you know a drink worth sharing or a better way to make a drink that we already have a recipe for, let us know.

Our Most Popular:
  1. Sangria
  2. Jello Shots
  3. Cosmopolitan
  4. Long Island Iced Tea
  5. Apple Martin


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Want to see all our drinks alphabetically? Choose your poison:

A is for Alabama Slammer
B is for Bloody Mary
C is for Cosmopolitan
D is for Daiquiri
E is for Eggnog
F is for Flaming Dr. Pepper
G is for Gin & Tonic
H is for Hurricane
I is for
Iced Coffee Fillip
J is for Jello Shots
K is for Kamikaze
L is for
Long Island Iced Tea
M is for Manhattan
N is for Nevins
O is for
Oatmeal Cookie
P is for Piña Colada
Q is for Quaalude
R is for Rob Roy
S is for Sangria
T is for Tom Collins
U is for Ultimate Margarita
V is for Vodka Ricki
W is for White Russian
X is for X.Y.Z.
Y is for Yellow Parakeet
Z is for Zombie


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