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 Tequila Drinks

Although tequila is quite enjoyable straight, rising demand for tequila has led some tequila producers to add distilled sugar cane juice along with the agave cactus, which creates a tequila which is better mixed than served straight up. In contrast, all tequila made in Mexico is, by law, made from 100% pure agave cactus.

Tequila drinks are extremely varied, but few require a particularly expensive tequila. We recommend that you try to find a tequila which is not sweetened, and identify the taste free of sweeteners. We don't recommend any one brand, but do suggest that you try several tequilas. We believe that you will find that those which have not had a sweetener added are both more enjoyable to sip and are better mixed.

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Tequila is usually served straight or in simple drinks, but is also a part of the popular margarita, pictured here.
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