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A highball is a quickly poured drink served in a highball glass with liquor and water or soda. The phrase 'highball' comes from the practice of placing a ball on a tall pole in a railway station to signal a train that it was running behind schedule. The reason why the name was attached to the drinks is because the highball is a drink quickly made, with at most one liquor, one mixer, and only a single garnish.

Traditionally, most drinks are highballs. Rum and Coke, Gin and Tonic, and several simple drinks which follow the formula of the highball are now often served in lowball or old-fashioned glasses, but they were once all highballs. Because of this, we have included them in the following list of drinks despite the fact that they are no longer commonly served in highball glasses.

Highballs are traditionally only a single alcohol and a single mixer.  The English Highball, pictured here, does not follow this tradition but is a very pleasant drink.
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